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Gold’s Gym opens new fitness center — but it’s still not quite ready to go
Belleville News-Democrat – Jan 21 1:08 AM
Gold’s Gym opened its new O’Fallon fitness center Saturday with stacks of unpackaged equipment, no furniture in the locker rooms and a swimming pool brimming with construction material instead of water.
Get set to rock ‘n’ row
The Times of India – Jan 21 9:08 PM
The army, along with adventure sports enthusiasts, wants to create rowers of Olympic standards. “But it has to be a national effort,” says Col Gurdeep Singh.
The Advocate – Jan 18 7:57 AM
Ron Lovell, 34, ferries passengers across the floodwaters on Brushy Fork Road on Monday. Lovell, David Reed and other neighbors are sharing rowing duties taking people across the waters and hauling supplies. The high waters have cut off most routes into the area of about 100 homes.
features/all things medaris
Isthmus – Jan 20 11:25 AM
As a complement to my cover story this week ( 50 Ways to Leave Your Blubber, Isthmus , Jan. 14, 2005), the following revised text includes links to the Web sites cited, along with expanded discussion of those items that were abridged in the print version.
Wedco readies to develop all of Sallyport for tourists and locals
The Royal Gazette – Jan 17 6:10 AM
Hammerheads, the new restaurant at the Snorkel Park, will be fully open this season, after just having the bar and beach open last year. West End Development Corporation Commercial Development Manager Ed Williams said the venue had already proved a big hit.
‘Third places’ are No. 1 in the hearts of patrons
Pittsburgh Post-Gazette – Jan 17 9:06 PM
The building front is tiny and the sign on the brown brick facade is a puzzling red “a.” Inside, though, the signs are unmistakable. This is a “third place,” a term the esteemed society-watcher Ray Oldenburg coined in his 1990 book, “The Great Good Place.”
As Flood Water Recedes Clean Up Begins
WCPO – Jan 11 11:21 PM
As flood waters begin to recede in the Tri-state, cleanup is underway — although more rain is still on its way. The Ohio River is slowly retreating back into its banks, for now.
Council tests the waters
Cambridge Evening News – Jan 14 9:10 AM
HUNDREDS of Cambridge residents and river users are being asked to help draw up a policy on mooring along the River Cam. Houseboat owners, rowers and a