Do NOT Overlook These 6 Specifics When Finding Your Movers

Whether your moving into your next apartment or your dream home, don’t let the hustle and bustle of moving make you forget these KEY things when booking your movers.

1. Moving Date Flexibility

It’s that little box everyone checks that you might not even think twice about, but if you need to be out by the 30th, you checked “No” on Date Flexibility, and the moving company is already booked solid, you might just lose out on that great estimate. The company will make sure to recommend the nearest date that they are available, but as much as you can, plan ahead and stay flexible. Don’t lose the right company because of the wrong date. For a better understanding, Matco has many resources available for reference.

2. Pricing

Moving is already pretty expensive, especially when you add in the costs of the obligatory first night’s take-out, stocking your new fridge and pantry, your inevitable housewarming party, and all the little knick knacks you’ll need to fill up your new space. Make sure to get the best deal upfront. Remember: the estimates are free, why not get three.

3. Number of Movers

Do you have an antique armoire, a beautiful sectional, or even large electronics that you’ll be taking with you? Then make sure with your estimate you know exactly how many people you’re going to have. If you have larger items that you want treated with care, then make sure that you request two or even three movers. We all want the best deal, but sacrificing safety also sacrifices efficiency.

4. Payment Method

You want as few surprises as possible when moving day comes. If the moving company you chose is expecting cash, check, debit, credit, or even crypto, make sure you know that upfront. The last thing you want is for your first impression in your new neighborhood to be a stand-off with the movers or worse having them block traffic/parking for longer than necessary.

5. Deposit

If you’re asked for a deposit, don’t be afraid to ask why. The biggest thing to keep in mind is reliability. Does anyone you know have experience with this company? Does the company have a reputable website and storefront? What are their online reviews like? Most just want a commitment from the customer to guarantee that their time won’t be wasted and their long-distance moving costs will be covered.

6. Truck Size

The last thing that you want is to pack up your entire life for a long-distance move, be on a tight schedule, and then find out that the truck that you signed up for isn’t going to carry everything you have. These days, most companies will have load estimates included with every sizing so that you know that, for example, a 10X10 will fit an average single bedroom apartment. If you don’t see it, make sure to ask about it.

This may feel like we’re getting down into the weeds on moving, but trust us, when it comes to transporting all of your worldly possessions, you don’t want to get short-changed by the small stuff.