News and Articles for Regatta

1. Plattner, Coutts lead Morning Glory to Key West regatta win
Gainesville Sun – Jan 21 2:58 PM
erman software magnate Hasso Plattner, with three-time America’s Cup winner Russell Coutts coordinating tactics, won the Farr 40-class aboard Morning Glory at the Key West 2005 regatta on Friday.

2. Final results from the Key West 2005 sailing regatta
Herald Tribune – Jan 21 2:57 PM
Final class winners from the five-day, nine-race Key West 2005 sailing regatta that ended Friday. The listings include class, boat, owner and hometown.

3. Plattner, Coutts lead Morning Glory to Key West regatta win
Contra Costa Times – Jan 21 3:14 PM
KEY WEST, Fla. – German software magnate Hasso Plattner, with three-time America’s Cup winner Russell Coutts coordinating tactics, won the Farr 40-class aboard Morning Glory at the Key West 2005 regatta on Friday.

4. Plattner, Coutts lead Morning Glory to Key West regatta win
The Ledger – Jan 21 3:00 PM
KEY WEST, Fla. German software magnate Hasso Plattner, with three-time America’s Cup winner Russell Coutts coordinating tactics, won the Farr 40-class aboard Morning Glory at the Key West 2005 regatta on Friday.

5. Morning Glory holds slight regatta lead heading into final day
ABC Action News – Jan 21 5:52 AM
KEY WEST – Morning Glory, owned and skippered by German software magnate Hasso Plattner, has a precarious, one-point lead in the Farr 40 class entering the final day of racing Friday at the Key West 2005 regatta.

6. Sailing regatta not all Greek to Effie
Geelong Info – Jan 22 9:24 PM
HOW embarrassment! Greek beauty Effie, she of the big hair and the big . . . profile, will be lending her weight to champion yacht Team AAPT at this weekend’s Skandia Geelong Week.

7. Crews return to the water
BBC News – Jan 22 10:11 AM
Britain’s Paralympic sailors will compete in a top regatta in America this week.

8. A celebration of community across NSW
Sydney Morning Herald – 2 hours, 42 minutes ago
Armidale Dumaresq 10.30am to noon, Saumarez Homestead. Official ceremony, family fun day with entertainment, displays, SES and RFS demonstrations. Ashfield 9am-11am, Ashfield Civic Centre. Special breakfast presentation to local Australia Day Awards winners.

How A Physiotherapist Can Make Your Workout Plan More Successful

There are quite a few individuals who decide they want to lose weight and start on an exercise routine, but later become discouraged and stop. This results from the exercise routine not being designed in a manner that will make it easy for the individual to stick with the routine. However, with the help of of physiotherapy, it will be much easier to stick with a routine.

Routines Created By Physiotherapists Are Simply Better

Physiotherapists know how to create an exercise routine that is perfect for the patient involved. Not only will it be easier for the patient to stick with the routine, but he or she will also be stronger and more flexible as a result. Those who are simply working out on their own are often using methods that are simply easier or that are more enjoyable, rather than methods that challenge the body and achieve great results.


One aspect of an exercise routine that will make it more likely for a patient to stick with it is whether the exercise routine is convenient. Routines that are not convenient will simply leave the patient feeling discouraged.


Another important part of sticking with an exercise is to make sure that there is enough variety. If your exercise does not have enough variety, you are likely to become bored and will not stay with it. However, if different exercises in your routine are changed regularly, it will be easier to stay motivated. Not only will you want to try a broader variety of exercises, but you will also want to incorporate games and sports in order to keep yourself interested. Also, a simple change of scenery can be enough to keep things interesting.


Another benefit of having a physiotherapist assist you is that they are excellent motivators. You will find it easier to stay with a program when you have an expert who is regularly reminding you to exercise and is reminding you of exercises that you can perform while you’re at home. One way to stay motivated is to keep track of your progress so that you can see the direct effects of your work.

Because of the benefits of physiotherapy, it is important to contact a physiotherapist to schedule an appointment. Even if you do not choose to work with one in the long-term, a single consultation can help you understand what you are doing wrong.  For more information please visit:

How Following the Toronto Blue Jays Can Improve Your Life

If you are looking for a way to spend an upcoming holiday, consider a Toronto Blue Jays sports trip. Sports travel packages are always available for the Toronto Blue Jays, and you can choose from many Toronto Blue Jays travel packages that cater to different individuals. It can make the planning of your trip so much easier. You won’t have to arrange anything yourself!

With that being said, if you are still on the fence about taking a Blue Jays road trip, get ready for some convincing. The following is a list of the key reasons why following the Toronto Blue Jays and going on a sports trip to see the boys play can actually improve your whole life!

It’s a wholesome pastime to have.

There are many ways that we spend our time. Some people choose to gamble, watch television or eat junk food. Having an interest in the sport is one of the most wholesome pastimes to have. It keeps your mind active, it gets you involved in something that takes you outdoors, and it gets you passionate about something as well.

The Blue Jays games will get you outdoors.

Again, loving the Blue Jays is a great hobby because it gets you outdoors. If you plan on going on a Blue Jays road trip, you’ll be able to see the boys play in the open air. Sitting in the baseball stadium with the fresh air blowing in your face and watching a beautiful sunset will be a memorable experience for you and your family or friends.

You’ll get great food at a Blue Jays game just as you would at any authentic baseball game.

Naturally, we have to mention baseball food because it’s some of the best sports food out there. From hot dogs and hamburgers to peanuts and popcorn, you’ll be well fed on this trip!

You can share enthusiasm for the Blue Jays with friends and family members.

Many people bond over the Toronto Blue Jays with their family and friends. It’s an awesome way to always have something to talk about and be passionate about together. Again, it’s a wholesome pastime that will always help you meet new interesting friends and acquaintances.

You may start playing baseball or softball yourself because of your love for the Blue Jays.

Last but not least, if you’ve been looking for more ways to get active, loving the Blue Jays may inspire you to start playing baseball or softball yourself. You can mimic your favorite players and get some exercise in while you’re at it.

If you’re interested in taking a trip to see the Blue Jays play, consider choosing from one of the many Toronto Blue Jays travel packages that are available for groups and families.

Why are Electric Bikes Getting Popular?

Electric bikes are rapidly growing in popularity. They are still a minority of vehicles on the road, but their high growth rate means that is likely to change within a few years. The largest part of the market is still in China and the Pacific, but the growth rate in other regions, such as North America and the Middle East, is higher than that of Asia and the Pacific, so the markets are likely to balance out within the next decade. Several different factors are contributing to this trend, ranging from their price tag to their increasing media presence.

Environmental Protection

Environmental concerns are among the largest forces driving the vehicle market to change. Electric vehicles are becoming more popular with people who want to reduce their dependence on gasoline, and bikes are popular with people who want to save even more money. Electric bikes appeal to both of those groups. Hybrid models are proving to be especially popular with environmentalists who want to switch over to pedal power but want to avoid sweating too much during their daily commute. These concerns aren’t likely to go away anytime soon, so they will probably contribute to the electric bike market for years to come.

Saving Money

People like to save money, and that simple fact is drawing many of them towards electric bikes. They are significantly cheaper than automobiles and most motorcycles, but they work just as well in areas with low speed limits. People who live in those areas can go without a car entirely and depend on a bike for their transportation, and many of them are starting to do so. That isn’t an option for most people who live in rural areas, so this factor contributes to their popularity in urban areas far more than it impacts their rate of adoption in rural regions.

Improved Marketing

It’s impossible to buy something without knowing that it exists. That was a problem for electric bikes until fairly recently, since they hadn’t been in the public eye. They have become more famous in recent years due to increased interest in cycling of all kinds, ease of information transmission over the Internet, and a media focus on developments in electric vehicles. Several celebrities have also been sighted riding electric bikes. While the bikes have been getting better-known in recent years, they still have not lodged themselves in the popular consciousness. That will change as more people start to use them for other reasons, so awareness of these bikes will probably drive sales to a greater degree over the next few years. It may be worthwhile to visit Scooteretti for more information.